May Recap + June Goals

May, what a gift you were to me.  Where early spring brought challenges of anxiety, an emergency business overhaul, sadness, and deep, difficult, but freeing spiritual work, you, May, have brought me this:

  • laughter
  • a settled feeling of joy 
  • knowing that I am known and loved
  • feeling empowered from taking a stand (even though it felt like crumbling)
  • feeling more like my true self
  • sunny summery skies and beautiful thunderstorms

In early spring I pulled a plug from my business and stopped taking new clients.  Then, when things were still really rough physically and emotionally, I decided to let several of my clients go from their contracts (#humbling).  This space allowed me time to assess the direction of my life, assess the things I was running from (using mainly my business as the excuse), and to heal.  Like really, deeply, quietly and slowly heal.  I'm still healing.  It's not glamorous, it's not an envy-causing or identity-boosting image on Instagram.  It's not 100 likes, or a new thing I'm doing.  It's just real, beautiful life with the real people I love.  

So, here's a little recap of some of the goings-on of a healing May:

  • 6 weddings
  • 1 senior photo shoot in Beaufort, NC with my HAMU besties, Joanne and Michelle
  • A little bit of rest time in Beaufort tagged on
  • Reading Present Over Perfect by Shauna Niequest
  • A date night with my man to Foundation & Brewery Bhavana (both are a must-try!)
  • A date afternoon at Jubala - we love the one on Hillsborough because it's close to our house and has a great view of the Belltower
  • A trip to Lake Gaston with the Ray family, which was SO sweet and restful and green!
  • I was nominated for Southern Weddings Best of the South Wedding Awards (The Pineys!) for Best Hairstylist!  WHAT!  I am so honored!  If you haven't voted yet, it would mean so much if you would vote for me here!  Voting ends June 9th.  



  • I'm turning 30!!!!  Woohoo!  I have no idea what is going on other than that John told me to save an entire week with no plans.  
  • 4 weddings
  • 3 trials
  • Enjoying home
  • The Piney's will be announced!

How has your start to summer been?  Anything you are planning for or looking forward to in June?

With lots of love,



Assistant Spotlight ::: Meet Kristin!

I am SO thankful to work in a talented and kind community of stylists in the Raleigh area who often join me for larger weddings. These are not LULA employees, but are contracted stylists with immense skill and unique aesthetic.  You've already met Joanne (of Joanne Maye Beauty), Aislinn, and Sam A., now let's meet Kristin Rivera!

I met Kristin last year through Joanne, who had worked with her before and recommended her as a great assistant.  All three of us met for coffee at a local fave, and immediately jumped in talking all things styling.  I immediately felt connected with Kristin's personality and valuable work/life perspective!  We both share a love for doing things with excellence, but still not taking things too seriously.  She is definitely a light and joy wherever she goes!

Kristin just graduated from NC State and is getting MARRIED this summer!  WOOHOO!  I'm so happy for you Kristin, and so glad that you have joined the LULA team for several weddings this year!

Where are you from?
Belmont, NC. A very small but very cute town west of Charlotte! 
How long have you been doing hair and makeup styling, and what prompted you to start?
I worked reception at a hair salon in high school and fell in love with playing in the makeup counter, selling products, and watching the hair stylists and makeup artists. I started doing friends' HAMU for proms, and then in college I started doing it for special events, and then friends-of-friends' engagement photos and bridals, which turned into weddings! That's when I realized I could start doing it for more than just fun. 

How old were you when you started wearing makeup?
Probably around middle school, but I have fond memories of getting a little mascara, blush, and lipstick from my mom for dance recitals starting around 5. Those are the three things she never leaves the house without :) 

What do you do with your hair on a bad hair day?

A topknot.  Always. 

What are some of your interests outside of HAMU?
I love music and going to concerts, cooking new recipes, trying out local restaurants, going to different cities for the weekend, painting, yoga, and watching a good rom-com 

What are three words your hubby-to-be would use to describe you?
Probably artistic, a good cook, and spontaneous

What are you most excited about for summer?
Getting married on June 9th!! 

What are your long-time favorite makeup or hair products?
I swear by L'Oréal Voluminous mascara! My favorite drugstore product. I also love Kenra hairspray, and Keihl's daily reviving concentrate. Keihl's products are something I usually splurge on, but they last a long time are so worth it! I also put coconut oil on my face every night before bed! You can take your make up off with it, it moisturizes your face, hands etc. I'm obsessed. It is kind of greasy though so make sure you're going to bed after applying. 

Any new favorites?
bumble and bumble pret-a-powder! This isn't a new product, and I used to use it a few years ago but just recently bought it again and it's the best. A dry shampoo and texturizing powder all in one, so you can stretch out your washes as much as possible and it doesn't leave your hair feeling weird like some do. 

Who are your beauty inspirations?
Lauren Conrad, Reese Witherspoon, and Jessie James Decker are probably the first people who come to mind.