It's May it's may it's may it's may it's MAAAAY!  Does anyone else feel this overwhelming sense of sighing out "FINALLY"?!  I'm just a teensy bit excited, because 1) I love spring and it's officially here to stay and 2) Q1 was rough.  But things are so looking up.

Here was April:

  • 5 weddings (1 as an assistant to Joanne Maye)
  • 2 trials
  • 1 fashion show for Anthropologie at North Hills - woohoo!
  • Celebrated Easter with church, a family picnic (Smithfield's, frisbee, and a park), and the kickoff to our anni-trip!  
  • Celebrated our 5 year wedding anniversary with a week-long trip!  We hit up DC (great food, night-bike-ride around the monuments, and seeing the Declaration of Independence), then rested in the countryside of MD at a beautiful B&B, had a spa day, took so many bubble baths, then went to Busch Gardens and rode roller coasters, then nerded-out around colonial Williamsburg and Jamestown.
  • Purchasing flowers from the Farmer's Market - well, John purchased some for me!  I'll be going to the FM soon for sure though, it's such a gift for me.
  • Writing some personal blogs about the last month - not yet, but soon.
  • Warmer weather and many walks outside - I have been outside so much, it's like I can't get enough.  We went to Raven Rock State Park and hiked/picnicked/swam, hiking at Falls Lake, paddle boating at Pullen Park, so many walks downtown, Joyner Park... more please!
  • More face-to-face time with family and friends - yes, I have spent so much good quality time just living life with my friends and family.  I have never felt more available to really spend time than I have in the last few weeks.  Thank you Lord!  It is healing!

So what's up for May?

  • 6 weddings
  • 3 trials
  • 1 maternity portrait session
  • HeartSync Training (I am super passionate about heart/spirit/mind healing and deliverance with Jesus, as that has been a huge part of my personal story.  Email me if you have thoughts/questions!)
  • Spending Memorial Day weekend with the Ray family at Lake Gaston.  I am such a lake/river girl.
  • Spending lots of time with friends and family, more time outside, time resting, making good food, and enjoying Jesus.

Are you excited for spring?  What's on your plate for May?  Anything particular you are super excited about?

With love and grace,


Southern Weddings V9 Chapel Charm - Behind the Scenes

Five years ago, I remember telling my husband-to-be that if I could shoot for the stars, I would do hair and makeup full time, and I would do hair and makeup for spreads in Southern Weddings Magazine.

Southern Weddings V9 Chapel Charm

At the time it seemed like such a large and far off dream.  I was working several part-time jobs to make ends meet post college, and I had only done beauty on the side, just for people I knew personally - proms, homecomings, and a few weddings.  

Getting to do hair and makeup for Southern Weddings for the last three issues has been one of the biggest joys of my career, and I am forever thankful that they saw something they liked and took a chance on me!  There is nothing like seeing your work in print!  I am eternally a paper and pen kind of girl.  There is something magical about holding a magazine in hand -the weight, the smell, the sound of turning the pages one by one.

In late May of this year, LULA joined an incredible team at the Parlour at Manns Chapel to create the Chapel Charm spread.  There were 5 girls total.  In hair-and-makeup land, that's 10 services, so I called on some of my favorite gals to provide a helping hand with the looks!  Thank you so much Joanne Maye of Makeup and Hair by Jo, and Aislinn Cobb (a family friend who joined my for the shoot, and thereafter, I begged her to please let me train her up and join me for weddings this fall! She did, and she's killing it.  More on that soon!)

The feel of the shoot was very light, airy, and romantic, with a hint of feminine whimsy.  There were lots of pinks and pastels!  The SW gals envisioned hair down or mostly down, beautiful and unfussy.  We kept the looks very natural with the makeup, but I knew I wanted to play up Logan's lips to compliment the pinks and corals in the stunningl bouquet by Mallory Joyce.

Fun note:  Logan and her man are real sweethearts, and are getting married next March!  I have the honor of doing Logan's hair and makeup again for her actual wedding day - woohoo!

Thank you to Landon Jacob for all of the spread photos, and Blue Barn Photography for all the behind-the-scenes photos!  

And thank you to everyone in this amazing team!!  It was a pleasure to create with you!

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With blush + bobby pins,


Source: http://lulahairandmakeup.com

Three looks for the Everyday Girl

It is so important to play and create things for fun when you are in the visual arts.  I had been finding myself scouring through images on Pinterest and noticed a bit of a gap between what I was naturally consuming (lifestyle - beauty, food, sacred moments) and what I was producing (bridal).   I was itching to create looks for my own portfolio that were non-bridal, but still extremely soft, romantic, and still within the realm of being achievable.  I envisioned a very simplistic backdrop with great light to let the hair, makeup, and personality of each girl take center stage.  I knew I wanted props, but only just a few. 

I love working with brides.  It is definitely a niche that requires a lot of warmth, listening, understanding, skill, patience, and love of the occasion.  Many times I feel like instead of styling,  I am treading in a sea of wedding-day-timeline matrices,  switching around schedules like domino pieces, and making sure everything will get done well and on time.  

One of the best pieces of advice that I have received is to create the art you want to see (thanks to Austin Kleon in his booklet Steal Like an Artist).  Some of my favorite ways to relax on my days off are to go to the farmer's market, get a cup of really really good coffee, and snuggle up with a book.  So I had this idea to create looks I would want to wear, for activities I enjoy, with a hint of romanticism.

I am so thankful that Nancy of Nancy Ray Photography said yes to this.  Quick background:  Nancy and I met in 7th grade and were best friends by 9th grade.  Even then, she would tell me "Sam, I want to be a photographer and have a studio in my house some day," and she would read books on photography technique.  That's Nancy for you, you guys.  She would always invite me to get in front of the camera as a guinea pig and for that reason too many blackmail photos and also my favorite life images exist.  

Brooke and Priscilla of the Mim's House were gracious hosts, and I am so thankful!  The Mim's house has beautiful, historic walls and great light, with plenty of space indoors and outdoors for all of us to move around.

Katie, Hannah Grace, and Kristin were so amazing to hop on board and let me create looks on them.  We chose items of clothing from their own wardrobe to keep things authentic and simple.  No false lashes or smoky eyes for this one.  Just real life!


I am so proud of the way these images turned out.  Nancy had the suggestion to go ahead and submit them, and Style Me Pretty Living was so wonderful to publish the hairstyles in particular with some tutorial steps from myself.  I hope everyone has enjoyed them!  And seriously - if you try one of these looks, can you tag or message or let me know somehow?!  I'd love to see!

A very special thank you to Nikelle of Wylde Flowers for her lovely bouquet, Stephanie Drummond for assisting in creative direction & styling, Aislinn Cobb for helping look after Kristen's beautiful kiddos, and my husband John for being there and cheering me on!

With blush & bobby pins,