2017 Year In Review Pt. 2

Ok, so you got the backstory of my year in Part 1, so I thought I'd keep this part casual and share a few fun roundups!


Books Read: 


Music Enjoyed: 


Trips Taken:


Weddings Worked: 25!

Bridal, Maternity, & Engagement Sessions: 16


Corporate Photoshoots: 8

Bridal HAMU Trials: 18

Lulette Gazettes Sent: 9

2017 Trends I Loved:

  • Bright lips, Wavy/messy hair, all-natural/non-toxic beauty products

Most Loved Beauty Products:

Screen Shot 2017-12-29 at 2.53.55 PM.png

Most Visited Local Date Locations:

  • Boulted Bread - for the best pastries and a cup of coffee in a cool neighborhood
  • Brewery Bhavana - for the yummiest dim sum in a hip atmosphere, with locally brewed beer
  • Raleigh Raw - for when we wanted to be super healthy, we highly recommend the Complete Breakfast (a CBJ smoothie and Crack Coffee)
  • Foundation - for the best drinks in Raleigh

Top Lessons Learned

  • Stay true to yourself.  No one else's life or business should be your goal or standard.
  • Share your story.  The road you've walked is unique, and God is doing something in it.  Opening up in vulnerability can be one of the most powerful tools in your healing and connecting genuinely with others!
  • LAUGH - laugh in the face of anxiety, failure, and fear.  Laugh through it.  It is healing!
  • Busyness does not equal success
  • Friendships are worth investing in and saying yes to!
  • You are worth respecting - your health, what you feed yourself, who you spend time with, and the activities you do.

I can't wait to see what 2018 has in store for us!  

What has your year been like?  What are you looking forward to in the new year?

Here's to a great 2017!  Thank you for all of your love & support! 


Wedding Looks I'm Loving

It's wedding season, so I am all-bridal-style all the time right now.  I see a LOT of pinterest pics, and I will admit that I see the same ones over and over (and with that being so, do a lot of the same styles/looks over and over.)  If you're a bride, the important thing is that you choose a look, or general direction, that excites you and feels like an enhanced version of normal you.  If you're a maid, my best advice is to have fun and do something you wouldn't normally do!

Look around and seek out editorial looks and red carpet looks, in addition to "bridal" or "wedding" looks, to get the best sampling of pinterest inspiration. Also, ask your stylist/artist what they think would really play up your best features and strategically solve problems you are worried about (for instance you're having a summer wedding outside - sweating, you kill it on the dance floor - sweating, movement, your face gets oily - don't go for a dewy look).  Sometimes saying "I trust you" or "just have fun" is the best thing we can hear after you give us a general direction of what you'd like.  We are artists and love to make stuff pretty!

Here are some of my favorite bridal and wedding looks that I'm loving for the 2017 season.  


  • I'm loving a very fresh makeup with a pop of something unexpected: a big brow, a bold lip color outside of a normal pink or red scale (think poppy, berry, or peach), a soft glittered eye, or very blushed out cheeks.
  • For eyes, I'm loving a very barely-there line, with a really smudged out shadow under the lower lash.  I like that these looks let the face take center stage, instead of really playing up the eye and playing everything else down, which is a more go-to bridal look.


  • I'm obsessed with hair accessories.  I squeal any time a bride brings me a clip, comb, or adornment!  It adds so much interest and dimension to an already beautiful hair style, and takes the whole look up SO many notches in terms of a unique bridal style.  Whether it's fresh florals or an intricate comb, you can find something that is unique and makes you feel like a true queen.  My favorites are pieces that wrap around the back of the head, or very large side-of-the-head pieces.  A little baby's breath will do the trick, too!
  • If you're a bridesmaid, you can really HAVE SOME FUN with your hair!  Opt for a textured pony, a full dutch-braided crown, or an updo that sweeps all the hair off the face without a part (not slick, but with a ton of texture and volume!)  I love creating dimension between bridesmaid hair looks to keep things visually interesting.
  • If you're a bride, don't be afraid to go chic and sleek (this does NOT have to equal slick to your head!)  If you're real fancy, show your ears.  Now, I know some people are particular (ears and foreheads are the biggies), but try out an updo that is a little more chic and involves pulling the hair above and behind the ears, like the styles in the first and last pictures.

Alright ladies, don't be afraid to break your box of style!  We (your style guides) will help you feel exotic and different while still being beautiful you!

With blush and bobby pins,