Featured in Vogue Italia

If you've been following my social media over the last month, you may have seen some hubbub about some editorial images I was involved in that got featured in Vogue Italia.  Well, it's true!  Since editorial isn't a huge part of my portfolio at the moment, I wanted to provide the backstory to this awesome experience!


Sometime in the beginning of February, my friend Kristin Robbins of Tyger Alexis reached out to me in search of a makeup artist for a fun editorial shoot later that week.  I jumped at the chance to stretch my creative, artsy muscles (which is definitely my home as a super creative person!) and to work with people I love and admire so much.  Kristin, the stylist for the shoot, and I go way back as we both grew up in Raleigh in similar circles of friends, and I always remembered her as a girl with a golden personality - warm, inviting, and radiant!  Katie Manselle, the hair stylist, I know from church and have totally celeb-style admired for a while!  She owns her own salon and is a top creator for Oribe, frequenting NYC for fashion weeks and photo shoots.

Screen Shot 2018-03-14 at 2.00.25 PM.png

So of course I said a resounding YES, felt a little nervous, and then just went with it.  We shot at Katie's hair studio (Culture Hair Studio) in Durham and I brought my paints knowing that the makeup looks were going to be super editorial.  I met Jennifer Cole, who is the kind genius behind the photography and submitted the shots to Vogue Italia (which I didn't know!) and Cayce Tucker, the sweetest model represented by 3 BBM.  We giggled and chatted while doing crazy makeup and had the quickest changeovers imaginable.  It definitely put things into perspective about how much time I allot for bridal work!  It's so different, and so great because of that!

Cayce Culture Trendvision March 20180193-Edit.jpg

We did three looks for the day: the pear with pink rectangle eyes, the blue jumpsuit with a 3-toned shadow on one eye, and the moot-inspired jumpsuit with the one white stripe.  Jennifer had the basic inspiration for makeup - I just had fun working within those visions with what I had and what I felt would be fun!

It was a quick shoot, but out of that came two features on Vogue Italia's Best Of Photovogue!  Here is the link to the images on their website.  

Katie and I (along with some of her girls in the studio, Ali and Meg) talked about the importance of just playing.  Especially as a creative earning money from creative work, it's so so valuable to take time to just create for fun, to go so outside the boundaries of what you normally do, and enjoy the freedom of it.  It totally benefits what you do for your day job, too!

Thank you Jennifer, Katie, Kristin, and Cayce for allowing me to play and enjoy the afternoon with you!

Here's to much more fun in what I love to do!


May Recap + June Goals

May, what a gift you were to me.  Where early spring brought challenges of anxiety, an emergency business overhaul, sadness, and deep, difficult, but freeing spiritual work, you, May, have brought me this:

  • laughter
  • a settled feeling of joy 
  • knowing that I am known and loved
  • feeling empowered from taking a stand (even though it felt like crumbling)
  • feeling more like my true self
  • sunny summery skies and beautiful thunderstorms

In early spring I pulled a plug from my business and stopped taking new clients.  Then, when things were still really rough physically and emotionally, I decided to let several of my clients go from their contracts (#humbling).  This space allowed me time to assess the direction of my life, assess the things I was running from (using mainly my business as the excuse), and to heal.  Like really, deeply, quietly and slowly heal.  I'm still healing.  It's not glamorous, it's not an envy-causing or identity-boosting image on Instagram.  It's not 100 likes, or a new thing I'm doing.  It's just real, beautiful life with the real people I love.  

So, here's a little recap of some of the goings-on of a healing May:

  • 6 weddings
  • 1 senior photo shoot in Beaufort, NC with my HAMU besties, Joanne and Michelle
  • A little bit of rest time in Beaufort tagged on
  • Reading Present Over Perfect by Shauna Niequest
  • A date night with my man to Foundation & Brewery Bhavana (both are a must-try!)
  • A date afternoon at Jubala - we love the one on Hillsborough because it's close to our house and has a great view of the Belltower
  • A trip to Lake Gaston with the Ray family, which was SO sweet and restful and green!
  • I was nominated for Southern Weddings Best of the South Wedding Awards (The Pineys!) for Best Hairstylist!  WHAT!  I am so honored!  If you haven't voted yet, it would mean so much if you would vote for me here!  Voting ends June 9th.  



  • I'm turning 30!!!!  Woohoo!  I have no idea what is going on other than that John told me to save an entire week with no plans.  
  • 4 weddings
  • 3 trials
  • Enjoying home
  • The Piney's will be announced!

How has your start to summer been?  Anything you are planning for or looking forward to in June?

With lots of love,



Assistant Spotlight - Meet Joanne!

I am so excited to introduce you to Joanne Maye!  I met Joanne several years ago at a styled shoot, and immediately felt a comfort and ease working with her.  Over the years, we have assisted for one another for weddings, met up for coffee and chats, and kept each other accountable (and sane!) in all of the ins and outs of business-owning and the HAMU industry.  It has been such a blessing to have a dear friend in the industry with me, someone I admire, learn from, laugh with, and trust!

Joanne owns her own on-site styling business, Makeup & Hair by Jo.  While we have unique brands, we share a love for personable, dependable, and high-quality service to our clients.  She is also a safe beauty advocate, and loves educating women on how to achieve simple, beautiful looks using healthy products.  She is a Beauty Counter consultant, a dog-mom, a wife, model, writer, and a loyal friend!

Jo often joins me along for larger bridal parties, and if she's on your team for your day, be EXCITED because your gals are in amazing hands!!  I often tell people that if it were my wedding day again, Jo would be the one doing my hair and makeup.

Where are you from?
I am from all over the Southeast. My Dad was in the Marine Corp for twenty three years, so being in a military family we moved quite a bit. I spent most of my formative years in New Orleans and Raleigh, so those are the two places I call home.
How long have you been doing hair and makeup styling, and what prompted you to start?

I’ve been officially doing makeup for four years and hair a little more than two. I’ve worked in front of the camera since 2002 before deciding to switch up my focus and move behind the scenes at the end of 2012. Makeup always came very natural to me, and as with most artists, I spent a great deal of time when I was a teenager doing my friend’s makeup for events, girl’s nights out, just because, and the like. It was a very natural transition as I was fortunate to work with so many makeup artists as a talent before moving into my own artistry that I felt very prepared and ready for the career choice.
How did you get started working with LULA?
Lovely Sam and I met on a styled bridal shoot with a local photographer about four years ago now. She was the hairstylist for the shoot and I, the makeup artist. I don’t remember much of what we talked about (probably all the pretty things!), but I do know that we hit it off right away. It really wasn’t until a year or two ago that I started working with Sam + LULA in more frequency!

How old were you when you started wearing makeup?
One of my Mom’s many careers was as a hairstylist. In her younger years, she was very into all things makeup and hair. Being the only daughter, I remember receiving my first makeup kit when I was probably no more than five. Although, it was a fake makeup kit with plastic lipstick and palettes, I was enamored. Fast forward a few years, I’m certain I started wearing makeup at least as early as middle school!

What do you love MOST about your hair?
You know, I am growing it out right now, and it has been such a pain! However, I have always loved that I have naturally curly hair from both sides of my family. My hair can style pretty much anyway I want it and the volume I can obtain is on another level! I’m very grateful for having a great head of hair (as long as it’s not too humid out!).

What are your passions?
As I’m getting older, I’m really starting to take note of how important it is to have passions. My younger years were spent working and working without any real direction. My main passion is learning how to take better care of myself, which tends to be difficult in this crazy world of ours. I also really enjoy cooking as well as baking for others. Lastly, I would say seeing the world. I’ve been fortunate to visit a few countries so far and each one has completely opened my eyes in a different, unique way. It has always been a great interest of mine to learn from and understand the various cultures on this beautiful planet of ours!

What are three words your hubby would use to describe you?
Thoughtful, Sassy, Loyal

What are you most excited about for 2017?
Working on my goals! This is the first year in my whole life where I’ve set goals in every area – personal, family, financial, and business – and written them down clearly! I’ve been diligent in sticking to them, and I’m excited to see how they evolve and change throughout the year.

What are your long-time favorite makeup or hair products?
Most of these aren’t long-time as I’ve only been using cleaner alternatives for the past three years, but the products below are the ones that I’ve fallen in love with and keep them around as my favorites. 
Beautycounter Tint Skin in Linen – a medium to full coverage liquid foundation that is ultra moisturizing and gives the skin a dewy appearance!
Jane Iredale PureMoist Lipstick in Ann – a natural matte lipstick I adore for it doesn’t completely dry the lips out, has long wear, and amazing color payoff!
Alima Pure Natural Definition Mascara in Black –a safer moisturizing mascara focusing on thickening the lashes!

Any new favorites?
Yes, I recently picked up the Alima Pure Eye Primer for my kit, and it is a great dupe of any of the more popular eyeshadow primers. The best part? It’s a safer, cleaner option for your skin and your body!
Who are your beauty icons?
Keira Knightley, Lupita N’yongo, and Charlize Theron; all extremely classy ladies!

What is your beauty philosophy?
Less is more. Finding the perfect line between made up and made under is very fine. I like to use as minimal product as possible while maximizing my client’s features as much as possible. This way they feel more like themselves, confident, and comfortable with the way their skin feels in the makeup. This is the approach, I, too, take daily in my own routine!