January Recap + February Goals!

Happy February Lulettes!

We're here! January has been a great month for me.  It was equal parts restful and productive, which is a balance I haven't struck in a while!  

In the LULA camp, I didn't have many client-facing sessions (a nice change of pace), and we used that extra time to do a ton of organizing behind the scenes.  It was a month of taking stock of the last year, identifying the potholes, and working on establishing better systems to stand on for the rest of 2017.  

  • We created weekly task lists/schedules for both myself and Nichole (see more on this BTS post) which has helped a TON to visualize all the gears and cogs that are moving on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis, all scheduled out so nothing falls in the cracks.  
  • I had some great face-to-face quality time with other wedding HAMU artists in the area to talk shop and life, which was awesome!  Love you Jo, Patricia, and Lindsey!
  • We cleaned out product from my kit and the assistant kit, took inventory, tossed stuff, did a solid deep clean, and put everything back into the LULA closet and kits all nice, neat, and accounted for!
  • I researched new product to include in my kit in 2017, to be replaced as current product runs out
  • Created the LULETTE GAZETTE newsletter (thank you SO much for the amazing feedback and support!) and worked on content for February
  • Caught up on/stayed on top of a ton of email inquiries for 2017 and 2018 weddings
  • Had a trial and 3 engagement sessions
  • Planned content schedule for the year

Personally, I had a beautiful month enjoying less work and more rest, recouping, and creating.  I got away with my best girls for Nancy's 30th in the mountains, enjoyed lots of yoga classes, got outside and explored around Raleigh, spend some quality time with my sister's kiddos, and even got away to the coast to work on music.  

In February, I'm looking forward to...

  • Continuing to use the slower wedding season to really get into the rhythm of the weekly LULA schedule 
  • Implement  an automation tool for Instagram posts (while still throwing in real-time stories and posts as well)
  • Working on March content, but trying this on 1-2 batch writing days
  • 4 trials, 1 bridal portrait session, a rehearsal dinner, and a wedding
  • Continue using slower season to keep growing habits and establishing great habits, like regular me-time workouts, going to bed early and waking up earlier, trying new healthy recipes (I've been loving following Nutrition Stripped!) having people over for dinner, and growth in my prayer life
  • A chill pre-Valentine's day date with my man
  • For music, I'm looking forward to helping lead worship for our church's annual conference, continuing recording demos for my new album, contacting a producer/engineer, and writing some updates on my music blog.

These late winter months can seem to creep along, so I'm rooting for you and for me to use this blessing of a time to really dig deep, keep growing in great habits, get some face-to-face time with people we love, and take some extra good care of ourselves!

Happy February!

With blush & bobby pins,