Late Summer Bucket List

Summer has officially set in, and while calendars may be flipping towards school schedules and fall kick-offs, the hot weather is here to stay for a while.

And I'm trying to take advantage of it, because I'm a summer baby forever!

Here's my Bucket List for riding out the rest of summer with lots of fun and fullness!

  • Swim in a watering hole, like the Cape Fear River at Raven Rock State Park - it is a 4-mile loop (2 in, 2 out), so bring a knapsack with some snacks and river-shoes, bring your doggies, and wear your swimmies!
  • Take another road trip to the beach.  Our favorite is Beaufort, which is a tiny harbor town that is better known for it's waterway activities like kayaking/paddleboarding as opposed to sand and surf.  If you're in Raleigh like me, Wrightsville and Carolina beaches are also great options!
  • Visit the sunflower field (or a fun feature like this near you!) They are at Dix Park this year, and they're fading fast, so grab your fam and wander through the rows of flowers!
  • See an outdoor movie
  • PEACHES!  Peach Day is THIS Thursday 7/12 at the State Farmer's Market.  If you can't make it, make sure to get your peaches at a roadside produce stand or the farmer's market - grocery stores simply will not do! Once you take them home, store them on a paper towel or cloth on the counter with the stem down, not touching each other.
  • Eat as many perfect, fresh, and real tomatoes as possible while they're in season.  We love to go to the State Farmer's Market and stock up on heirlooms for the perfect BLT's!  Also stock up on fresh sweet corn and summer squashes!
  • Take time to enjoy the cricket and cicada sounds, hopefully while you're eating dinner outside with beloved friends and family.
  • Go hiking in the early morning, while there is a hint of coolness in the air.  I love making it a friend date! Umstead State Park, Falls Lake State Recreational Area, and Lake Johnson Park are great options in the area!  
  • Boating on the lake - any lake!  This is my favorite later in the summer, when the water is nice and warmed and the sunsets are perfect.
  • Bake the Nectarine and Berry Cobbler featured in the June/July issue of Garden and Gun - YUM!
  • Make time for a little girl gang fun - whether it's meeting up for an iced coffee, doing something adventurous like jumping in a lake or riding bikes, or a girls night, gather your best gals and be there for each other!

What is on your bucket list for the rest of the summer? Happy memory-making, friends!




See the above images and their sources, and more summer inspiration, on my Summer Fullness Pinterest Board.