Ask Sam::: Simple steps to up your skincare + makeup routine

Hey gals!  This month, I had one of my July brides email asking for some basic steps to improve their skin and makeup routine for pre-wedding, and post wedding, too!  Because skincare and makeup are SO personal and could take a few trial-and-errors to figure out what works best for you, I stuck to the (mostly) universal basics for upping your game a notch!

 Dear Sam,

Looking ahead over the next month and a half I'm trying to be very intentional about good skin and makeup care, and also picking up some makeup/skincare for the honeymoon. I was wondering if you had any products you would recommend for both of these things? I am in need of a good skin mask, really hydrating face and eye cream, and some good products that will be perfect for my summer routine/honeymoon. Do you have any recommendations??

- July Bride-to-be

  1. Drink lots of water - especially leading up to your wedding day (or any big event)!  This is not a myth!!  It will show in your skin!  You will have to be extra intentional about this, especially because busyness leads us to forget to take care of ourselves - so if it takes buying a really pretty water bottle that will remind you to refill through the day, do it!  Here is my fave!  
  2. 100% Pure has my favorite face masks (thanks Joanne for recommending!), so I would recommend the Green Tea Water Bomb Mask (it comes in a 5 pack) and use it once a week until wedding time.  I would also recommend the Bright Eyes eye mask for the wedding morning!
  3. Whatever face wash you are using now, I would recommend to stick with that for now, since we're so close to the wedding day and want to ensure your skin won't have any adverse reactions.  After the wedding, I recommend an enzyme cleanser for a gentle but effective wash, like Mario Bedescu's Enzyme Cleansing Gel
  4. For your moisturizing steps, I recommend incorporating a serum into your routine.  You would apply serum after washing and before moisturizing.   I would suggest Rose Deep Hydration serum. In the morning, you wouldn't necessarily need to follow up with a moisturizer, but at night time you can follow up with one, like  Lotus Youth Preserve.  If you want an extra moisture boost, follow up with moisturizer morning and night.  You'll just have to see how your skin does!
  5. Eye cream - do this at night after washing, serum, and moisturizer!  I recommend BeautyCounter's Vibrant Eye Perfector
  6. For everyday coverage, I suggest using a BB cream, especially during hot summer days.  I recommend It Cosmetics CC cream (it has SPF 50) or my personal fave, Garnier Miracle Skin Perfector BB cream - use after your serum and moisturizing, leaving a few minutes in between each layer to allow it to soak into the skin evenly.
  7. For your honeymoon, I would recommend a cheek/lip stain that will stay on all day and give a natural flush!  I recommend 100% Pure's Fruit Pigmented Lip & Cheek Tint in Shimmery Strawberry


I hope this helps any and all looking for simple steps to improve their skin and makeup routine, for an event or just because!

With love and joy,