I am SO thankful to work in a talented and kind community of stylists in the Raleigh area who often join me for larger weddings. These are not LULA employees, but are contracted stylists with their own businesses, skills, and unique aesthetic.  You've already met Joanne (of Joanne Maye Beauty) - now let's meet Samantha Anderson!

I met Sam a couple of wedding seasons ago, and I believe we were both assisting for another stylist at a wedding.  I was struck by her laid back, gentle yet confident manner and her KILLER hairstyles.  If you've ever had Sam style your hair, you know that she asks the best questions to understand exactly what you want, and then gets to work, letting you chat with your friend, scroll insta, or just zone out and relax while she does your hair.  She is the hairstylist personality I love most - clear communication about the vision, then let's me sit in silence whilst savoring every awesome feeling of having someone else do my hair! : )

Sam is a mom of two, a wife, and a doula when she's not assisting lead stylists for weddings and events.  She and her family live in North Raleigh.  


Where are you from?
I was born in Miami, Fl, so originally I am a Florida girl!
How long have you been doing hair and makeup styling, and what prompted you to start?
Ever since I can remember. I am the middle of 3 sisters and I was always the one watching everything my mom did, whether she was getting ready or preparing us for a ballet recital. Then I became the one who started helping everyone. It all just blossomed from there. Next thing I knew people were hiring me to do their hair and makeup for our high school Junior/Senior and for their weddings.
How did you get started working with LULA?
Through mutual artist friends! The word just spread and I connected with Sam at an event and let her know I'd love to work with her if the chance ever came up. 

How old were you when you started wearing makeup?
Hmm.. my memory is a little fuzzy here but I know my mom had some rules. We weren't allowed to wear eyeliner for a while but I want to say 7th or 8th grade maybe? I could be wrong. All I remember is that I couldn't wait and I loved it. Probably too much... I distinctly remember a glitter/eyeliner pencil that was my trademark for a while.

What do you love MOST about your hair?

Versatility. Aside from color I have done almost every cut with mine and tons of textures and I just love that hair changes. I get really bored looking at the same thing every day, so my hair and I really need to be in a good place. 

What are your passions?
Aside from helping and serving women so they feel beautiful no matter what the occasion, also serving, supporting and encouraging women in their time of giving birth- I also practice as a doula, my husband and my children, adoption and foster care, and sharing the love of Christ. 

What are three words your hubby would use to describe you?
Ok, I asked him and he said: consistent, selfless, and  faithful.

What are you most excited about for 2017?
Absolutely no idea! 

What are your long-time favorite makeup or hair products?
Maybelline unstoppable eyeliner, it's been my go-to since high school since it doesn't smear or crease, and Argan oil for my hair! 

Any new favorites?
Honestly, I don't love to try new makeup products! Isn't that awful? I'm like a tried and true girl...

What is your beauty philosophy?
Honestly, as I get older: simple, clean, know what you are putting into your face (I know my eyeliner example is the best testament to that but it's literally like the last thing I haven't changed to pure, homemade or nontoxic) I used to only think I was beautiful when I had a full face of makeup on, and honestly now I feel kind of strange when I'm fully made up and I feel more beautiful with less on. It's been a weird shift, but I like it! It's definitely easier for my 2-5 minute-scrambling-with-kids-at-my-feet makeup routine.