March Recap + April Goals

March Recap - the real skinny

Alright ladies!  Here is my March work-wise, in numbers:

  • 6 trials
  • 2 bridal portrait sessions
  • 3 weddings - one in Highlands, NC at the Old Edwards Inn!  It was so beautiful!
  • Attended my first business conference - EPIC
  • Promo shoot with Emily Ley
  • Editorial with Southern Weddings for their 10th anniversary issue!

Personally, I had a bit of a rough go this month (I'm gonna be honest with y'all!)  I think in general, the last stretch of winter, before daylight savings, is always a bit of a weird time of year for me.  I took my goal-planning lists and agendas and had to set them aside for a few weeks.  I truly think goal-setting is a powerful tool, but sometimes I have felt that I am so focused on the "plans" that I get overwhelmed at all that is to come, and live in the future instead of the today, right here, right now, at peace.  Has anyone else felt that way?

For a makeup and hair artist, that can be especially daunting, considering that in March, we are looking at our oncoming wedding season which stretches solid anywhere from March to November, while continually fielding more inquiries for new commitments during that entire stretch.  

I have been doing a lot of soul-searching with Jesus.  I decided to fast from my personal social media since February 22nd, as well as from coffee.  My 2 main social outlets!   Yikes!  I didn't realize them to be that, but about a week in I realized that I felt a bit lonely.  Isn't that funny?  I wasn't popping in to my favorite local coffee shops anymore to see and be seen, and I wasn't staying up to speed on the internet community's every moment, moment to moment.

It's been hard, and it's been good.  

It allowed me to have the mental space to really hear myself, to consider what I'm doing, and why I'm doing it.  I was able to listen to signals my body and mind have been giving me for a while, instead of just plowing through in all my "success."  I decided to cap my booked weddings for 2017 (totaling at 23 weddings + their trials), and not book any more weddings or events of any kind in order to allow myself room to live whole and work well.

Last year was great for the numbers, but I ran hard.  Real hard (I did 62 weddings and countless other events).  I promised myself a real break in January, but just kept plowing through emails and plans even though I wasn't technically putting makeup on anyone.  By February, I was experiencing some pretty scary physical signs of extreme anxiety and panic.  And I just figured I'd go ahead and wave my DON'T-HAVE-IT-TOGETHER flag for all of you to see : )  It's humbling, and it feels right and good.  I am not superwoman!  

So, that's the real skinny on what's been going on in my world the last month.  I am already so relieved that I know exactly what is in my work-bucket for this year, and I can focus on doing all of that well (instead of filling up bucket after bucket, without ever knowing what's in my bucket at one time.)  I am also excited to see what other things God has for me this year that aren't necessarily career driven.  

So with all that said - I'm still here, but I'm scaling back to reasonable-land to heal up.  I'm going to enjoy writing blogs and newsletters while working on my current clients.  I'm looking forward to tapering off my season in August, resting a bit more in the meantime, and seeing what God has for our fall!  I am so thankful that I have the opportunity to do that.


Onward and Upward - Hello April!


  • 5 weddings (1 as an assistant to Joanne Maye)
  • 2 trials
  • 1 fashion show for Anthropologie at North Hills - woohoo!

Also looking forward to:

  • Celebrating Easter
  • Celebrating our 5 year wedding anniversary with a week-long trip!  CANNOT WAIT!  We're heading up north to the Maryland coast to eat some great seafood, REST, relax at a fancy B&B, be together, explore historic places, drink champagne, laugh, and then go to Busch Gardens because #rollercoasters!!
  • Purchasing flowers from the Farmer's Market
  • Writing some personal blogs about the last month - so much has changed in our life!
  • Warmer weather and many walks outside
  • More face-to-face time with family and friends

How are y'all doing?  Are you glad it's finally spring?  Are there any places in your life or heart needing some much-needed attention?  

With blush & bobby pins, and a LOT of grace,