February Recap + March Goals

Can y'all believe it's March already?  February was a great, short month at the LULA HQ.  I had one rehearsal dinner and wedding, along with 4 trials, 1 bridal portrait session, and 1 editorial shoot for this beautiful bag company based out of NYC called Haerfest.  What a blast!  

February Goal progress:

  • Continuing to use the slower wedding season to really get into the rhythm of the weekly LULA scheduleNichole and I have continued working on getting in the swing of our weekly schedule, so that once wedding season hits, we'll be running smoother and stronger in the office.
  • Implement  an automation tool for Instagram posts (while still throwing in real-time stories and posts as well) Still working on this one.  So far it just seems easier to save posts to "Draft" in Instagram, so we'll see what might work best!  I also began a 40-day fast from personal social media, and that has definitely put some of my business social media into perspective too. 
  • Working on March content, but trying this on 1-2 batch writing daysSuccess!  Did this and it really helped!
  • 4 trials, 1 bridal portrait session, a rehearsal dinner, and a weddingBoom!  Had a few bouts with some shaky hands, but I've been trying to abstain from caffeine too (I KNOW! I love coffee so much!) and I think my body is still getting used to it!
  • Continue using slower season to keep growing habits and establishing great habits, like regular me-time workouts, going to bed early and waking up earlier, trying new healthy recipes (I've been loving following Nutrition Stripped!) having people over for dinner, and growth in my prayer life)Doing OK on this one!  We had some great success eating mostly in during the week, and I've been loving playing with different smoothie recipes.  I have also gotten back into Yoga at the Y, and have tried a few other fun classes as well, along with walking/running outside in this pretty weather.
  • A chill pre-Valentine's day date with my manBoulted Bread pastries, La La Land, Umstead, and Capital Club 16 - so good
  • For music, I'm looking forward to helping lead worship for our church's annual conference, continuing recording demos for my new album, contacting a producer/engineer, and writing some updates on my music blog. - The conference went great, and we helped lead worship at church later in the month as well! I contacted my friend Jacob about producing/engineering, and did not write a music blog :) Yet.

March Goals:

  • Continue making health a priority with regular "me time" workouts, no coffee (yipes!), getting outside when the weather is nice, and making more meals in
  • 3 weddings, 5 trials, 2 bridals, and one REALLY FUN editorial shoot!  More deets soon!
  • A haircut - PRAISEEEE!
  • Spending some QT with my girls for a ladies' night
  • Attend the EPIC conference - Entrepreneurial People In Christ, super stoked about this!
  • Celebrate the first day of spring!
  • Try batch-writing for the blog again
  • Finish demos to send to producer
  • Travel to Highlands with my work-bestie Joanne for one of my weddings

What are some of your goals for March?

With blush & bobby pins,