Why I Chose To Sell Beautycounter

Before I get into the details, I want to clarify that the purpose of this post is not to get anyone to buy anything, nor am I trying to get anyone to sell anything.  The purpose is for me to share the reasons why I chose to sell Beautycounter, so it's out in the open!  I have always enjoyed a no-smoke-and-mirrors approach to my business, to makeup, and to hair. Honesty, vulnerability, and natural fits have always felt best for me in my work and art.


For many years, I made it part of my business practice to specifically not sell any products that I used on my clients.  I wanted to be a safe place where women could get their makeup and hair done, not feel pressured to purchase anything extra or listen to a sales pitch, and get real opinions about different products and lines.  I didn't want to make anyone uncomfortable if they felt like I was trying to push a product (because I have been in that position, and I don't like it!)

People would ask me, "Why don't you sell ____ so when people ask you what to buy for themselves, you can get a little kickback!"  And though I knew that made sense financially, I just didn't want that personal temptation to make certain products sound better than they actually were just because I knew I could get a small commission off of them.  


As I have grown in my business, I have learned a balance between maintaining that safety and honesty for my clients, and also generating income that fits naturally and organically from what I am already doing.  If I am pointing people in a certain direction because I really love a product/it fits what they're looking for, I am generating sales to those brands.  I've made Benefit, NARS, Stila, and Urban Decay so much money from using their products on hundreds of clients, and those clients loving those products and purchasing them for themselves!  I am a connector, knowledgable about products, and honest about my opinions.  If I could make commission from those natural, organic sales based on meeting peoples' needs and honesty, that works for me, my client, and the brand.

Like most women, I don't buy my skincare or makeup all from one brand.  I cherry pick, because different brands do certain things better than others, and rarely is every single product the best of its category all from one line.  That's still true for me personally and professionally!  I won't be all Beautycounter all the time, but I really do believe that they fulfill a need that few other lines have been able to successfully fill.


In my personal life, I was searching for makeup that would be better for my skin and body.  I kept reading these facts and statistics about the regulations for personal care products in the US, how they hadn't been updated in decades (since 1938), and how the US has chemicals in their products that other countries have banned because of how dangerous they are.  I read that the skin is the body's most absorbent organ, and that the average women puts on 515 synthetic chemicals per day, exposure to which could be linked to cancer, reproductive harm (something close to my heart) and neurotoxicity.


In the world of bridal hair and makeup, performance is everything.  It has to work, stay put, and have enough pigment to not require a ton of swipes during application (for time's sake).  I know for a fact that there are toxic chemicals required for that kind of staying power.


So I set out on a quest to find clean, non-toxic makeup (and skincare) that would actually perform well.  I've tried a ton of "natural" makeup from various sources, and though I feel good about their general healthiness, overwhelmingly they don't work very well!  It would run, or not show up, or show up for the first hour and then dissipate into nothingness.  Along the way, I have found a few individual products that perform well, but no more than 1 or 2 great products per "clean" line, if any.


I remember first hearing about Beautycounter about two years ago.  They had just hit the scene, and from their mission, the Never List (a list of all the chemicals and ingredients they don't allow into their products), the design of their brand and packaging, and the extensive amount/types of products they offered, I knew that they were doing something really right.  I looked into buying into the business, but it was just too expensive on the back end.


Over time, friends of mine starting offering the products and buying into the business became more affordable.  I bought my first BC products and gave them a try.  I loved knowing that what I was putting on my skin was safe, looked beautiful, and stayed put.  For full disclosure, I am allergic to a certain oil that is present in the Tint Skin (their main foundation) to the tune of hives, so though it's not the best for me personally, it's one of my main recommendations for others looking to upgrade their makeup routine.  (As with any personal care product, it's best to track reactions after any application to decipher the root of the reaction so it won't happen again, and to choose the very best products for you!)


As many of you know, I lessened my workload with LULA this year to regain some health, clarity, and love for my work.  This gave me space to follow natural loves and interests, and honestly, Beautycounter was one of those.  I wanted it for myself and for my business.  In 2018, I am attempting to stock my kit with as much non-toxic, clean, luxurious cosmetics as possible so my clients get the best possible experience for what they are paying, with BC at the helm (and other clean-green favorites as well!)

So it just made sense.  I stand with their mission, their products, and their flexibility in how I choose to sell (which I hope will be as not annoying as possible!)  They are clean beauty advocates, and are standing before US legislation RIGHT NOW to get our government to improve regulations for self-care products.  I don't love GMO foods, I don't eat McDonalds, I try to choose ethically sourced clothing, and I don't want a bunch of harmful chemicals getting absorbed into my body every day from my cosmetics and body products.

If you have any questions, thoughts, whatever, you know my inbox is always open!  Email me at sam (at) lulahairandmakeup (dot) com!

Thank you for your continued support, cheering on, and love kindred friends!

All my love,