Assistant Spotlight - Meet Aislinn!

Last year in May, I had an open stylist call for an assistant for an editorial shoot with Southern Weddings Magazine.  I knew I needed an extra hand to get all the models ready on time, and wanted to invite along someone who would really enjoy the opportunity and the experience of doing hair and makeup on location.  

I actually had Aislinn in mind for this particular shoot, but was too nervous to ask her!  I know Aislinn and her whole wonderful family from church, and she was one of those gals who would walk in on Sunday, and I could tell immediately that she had a natural talent for the artistry from her own hair and makeup.  

I did get some responses to the open call, but God had Aislinn in mind for the position too!  A week before the shoot, with no one officially lined up to assist, I ran into Aislinn at a favorite coffee shop and she kindly and softly asked if I still needed someone.  YES!  I told her I had thought of her, she said she was nervous to ask to join, and in both of our timidity to connect with each other we connected perfectly.  Thanks God!

Well, Aislinn showed up that day and did a spectacular job being herself - personable, funny, comforting, and as helpful as possible for me and all of the models.  From that day I felt that she could be someone I could trust to pour some of my knowledge and technique into, to train up underneath LULA (for the first time ever for me!)  From there we had weekly "LULA Lessons" during which I trained her on anything from curl types to updos.  Within two months, she was joining me at weddings, and every time I see her come into her own even more.

Aislinn continues to blow me away with her skill and her ability to comfort and connect with clients.  She'll be joining me on a few weddings this year, and I am so happy to have her as part of the squad!

Where are you from?

San Antonio, TX

How did you find out about LULA, and what drew you to pursuing a role with LULA? 

 I met Samantha & her family at church and we became fast friends

How old were you when you started wearing makeup?


What do you love MOST about your hair?

 I think its Volume? And how it can look good messy

What are your passions?

Working out, makeup, and acting

What are three words your family would use to describe you?

My family said beautiful, cool, and goofy/funny. 

What are you most excited about for 2017?

The mystery

What are your long-time favorite makeup or hair products?

Hoola Bronzer by Benefit

Any new favorites?

The Contour Kit by Anastasia Beverly Hills (I use it as eyeshadows, bronzer., setting powder) 

Who are your beauty icons?  

Lucille Ball

What is your beauty philosophy?

I just love when people can see just how beautiful they really are, and makeup just helps enhance the natural beauty. 


We love you Aislinn!  You can see some of her LULA work here!  Special thank you to Nicole of Forage & Film for these beautiful images!

With blush & bobby pins,