Introducing Nichole!

You may have seen some snippets here and there over the last few weeks about Nichole, who, until this time, has been quite a mysterious character over here in the LULA camp.  Well, I am so happy to finally introduce you to Nichole, LULA's (first) administrative assistant!

Images courtesy of Forage & Film

Images courtesy of Forage & Film

If you had told me at the beginning of this year that by Christmas, I would have an admin assistant who I love and trust, I would have giggled uncomfortably.  It seemed like too big a task, and extra scary because it's something I have never done before!  It is truly one of the most vulnerable things to invite someone into your life, show them all the systems and workflows and nit-pickies that make your business go (many of which feel very scotch-taped and inconsistent) and say, "help me!"  I knew I needed help, I just didn't know the right time or way to go about it.  I was getting along fine enough, and  I wanted to have more of my stuff together before showing someone else.

But God knew better!  I got an email one day from this girl I had never met, asking if I needed help with anything in my business - she had been following along and was willing to help in whatever capacity, including admin.  I told John, and pushed it aside.  A few weeks later he came back to me and told me I should just meet with her.  And so I did, a pretty spring day sitting outside at a coffee shop, and immediately I felt a genuine warmth, sense of humor, and maturity I could trust and learn with.

So, everyone, here she is!  Nichole has been handling email responses, general organization of email workflow, scheduling, appointment confirmations, and cleaning my kit (a sacred task) in between clients.  She has also been helping with social media postings and updates, which I am so thankful for!  

Where are you from?

My husband (Ryan) and I are originally from Georgia, but have lived in Raleigh for about 3 years!  We definitely call Raleigh home now, and love exploring our city!

How did you find out about LULA, and what drew you to pursuing a role with LULA?

 I started following LULA on Instagram about a year ago & found out about it through a Southern Weddings post. After seeing the work that Sam had done & learning the we shared a lot of the same beliefs, I reached at first to see if there was an opportunity for a mentorship. After meeting with Sam & talking about our goals, both personally & career wise, she offered me the chance to come on as her administrative assistant! It has been a joy to learn more about this business & do life together over the last month! 

How old were you when you started wearing makeup?

Gosh, I remember the first time a friend put makeup on me in middle school. It was at a basketball game & the foundation was probably shades too dark for my skin! That plus some blue eyeshadow & I thought I was rocking. Thankfully I have learned better ways since then ;) 

What do you love MOST about your hair?

Honestly, my favorite thing about my hair is how long I can go with washing it! I have trained it to be good for at least 3 days, plus a day with a headband & messy bun if necessary. It's a game changer not having to wash my hair everyday. 

What are your passions?

I am passionate about serving the Lord with my husband as we continue to figure out marriage & begin building a life together! I also love trying new things & finding out whether or not I enjoy them. For example, I've always liked cooking, but since we got married I have discovered that I really do enjoy planning out a meal, trying a new recipe, & having the chance to serve my friends & family with it! 

What are three words your husband would use to describe you?

loving, serving, quirky

What are you most excited about for 2017?

Running a half marathon!! Actually I may be more terrified of this than excited, but I've been working hard towards it & I am excited to accomplish this goal! 

What are your long-time favorite makeup or hair products?

Maybelline's The Rocket Volume Lash mascara, Burt's Bees chapstick, & NotYourMother's dry shampoo

Any new favorites?

I just bought a couple of Ultra Matte lipsticks from ColourPop & they are AMAZING! They're only $6, they last all day, & come in so many fun colors! (Nichole is wearing the color "Notion" in the first photo!)

Who are your beauty icons?  

Sophia Bush, Rachel Bilson, Leighton Meester. Pretty much all of the brunette roles in my favorite high school shows, One Tree Hill, The OC, & Gossip Girl. Let's be honest these are still some of my favorite shows

What is your beauty philosophy?

To take care of yourself physically, mentally, & spiritually. This includes resting in all of these areas. In college I would do a  "No Makeup Monday" to intentionally take a break from worrying about my outward appearance & focus on what the Lord was teaching me. I still try to have at least one day a week where I don't worry about makeup or how my hair looks, so that instead I can focus on what is important in my life at this moment. 


P.S. - we had super Nichole/Nicole powers for this shoot!  Nicole from Forage & Film did such amazing work with these images - thank you so much Nicole for making us look good!  And Nichole, I am so happy to have you as a teammate and friend! 

With blush & bobby pins,