Welcome Back Notes To Self

Here are just a few kind notes to self as I begin a new year, and as I re-enter this world of weddings, makeup, hair, styling, small business, imaging, social networking, emails, et al: Do not look to others who do what you do, or are in the same field, to find your inspiration.  If it bugs you or causes jealousy, even if it is beautiful, do not look at it!  Take time to admire the beautiful imagery created from your own life, your friends, your family, the real world that is all around you. A Thing Called Life Set your eyes on things above, not on earthly things.  Heavenly inspiration, and inspiration born purely out of life and wonder, will always be more fulfilling than inspiration born out of competition. A flower does not think of competing You always have the privilege of saying yes, and you always reserve the right to say no. Less really really really is more.  Less time on the computer, pouring over Pin-spiration, worrying that you are not enough.  Less time wondering what you should be doing to be the best business-owner and makeup and hair stylist.  Less comparison.  You do not have to be doing what everyone else is doing! Have Less. Do More. Who the World Wants you to be Things that are seemingly unrelated to business that fuel your heart (reading a great book, spending time in the Word, worship, and prayer, taking a long walk outside, going to a museum, laughing over really stupid stuff, going on a date, catching up with a friend, watching a funny movie, making a great meal) really DO fuel your work, your art, and your business as a whole. Stuff To Do Feed your baby good food.  Carefully choose where you get your business counsel and beauty inspiration.  Think big, shoot for the moon, dream HUGE dreams.  Looking up will serve you more than looking laterally. Six Impossible Things

Image Credit: A Thing Called LifeHave Less Do More, Don't Overthink It, Six Impossible Things