February Recap + March Goals

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March Goals

My mantra over the past few months has been "Life in winter" - I have been saying it to myself over and over on these dim, short winter days.   I am a child of summer through and through; I was born in June, 80° is the perfect temperature, and I am most at peace when I am by a body of water donning shorts, a tee, and careless hair.  I had to find some way, albeit small, to remind myself to enjoy the chill, to cultivate, prune, and tend to things even though the fruit is not right now, and to not wish away the gray, short days of winter.  Some days seem cheerier than others, but I have to say I am happy we are on this side of late winter/early spring!

February Recap

We celebrated a birth, birthdays, a baby shower, Valentine's day.  I tried new, challenging workout classes (not as bad as I thought!)  John and I took a couple of date days to rest with each other.  I brainstormed and sought out new looks, dreamed and planned, organized my Pinterest, and worked hard to get LULA HQ up and running!

March Goals & Goings-On

1. Continue maintaining a consistent and challenging workout schedule

  • A few thoughts on that - I've never been a gym junkie or a super-athletic type, but having time set apart for me to take care of me is so worth it.  More than anything, it makes me feel beautiful on the inside.  I set it up like any other date or meeting through the week, and arrange my days accordingly.  I have been a member of my local YMCA for about 4 years now, and love their group classes.  I can't get away with half-speed in a group setting, and the instructors will make sure you're in good form and not hurting yourself.  My recipe is Intervals on Elliptical+Yoga, Muscle, Cardio Core, Zumba, and the worst of them all (in the best way) - Bosu Blast (an entire hour of aerobic and strength workouts entirely on the bosu ball.  My lungs burn just thinking about it!)  I'm all about finding a variety of things you love, and maintaining a good balance.  Discipline and schedule is great, and I have been trying to balance that with listening to my body and soul as well - what do I need today?  A refreshing yoga class?  Or to just get in the zone and sweat it out?

2. Continue a health-filled diet (aka: journey) of beans, whole grains, fruits, and veggies - Says the girl who used to know the names of the people in the Cookout drive-thru.  

  • And I still love onion rings and honey mustard!  It's a process, y'all.  Sustainable life changes are key for me, and sustainability takes time, grace, patience, and persistence in figuring out what works best for you.  A couple of quick-reference tools I have used in my journey:  Forks Over Knives (Documentary), The Kind Diet (Book),  Food, INC. (Documentary)

3.  Cultivate LULA

  • Release the Styled Series with some fresh, do-able inspirational looks for you for this spring  
  • 4 trial sessions, and 3 weddings (one down, 2 to go!)  
  • Respond to y'all, and your awesome ideas for tutorials - seriously - THANK YOU
  • Brainstorm blog content - tutorials, photos, conversations, et al. and have the fun I always imagined
  • Have a hard stop time in the evening with work-related things.  When the husband comes home, it's time to walk away from the screen.

4.  More PERSONAL goals and goings on:

  • Enjoy a sweet wedding shower for a family member, which I get to help decorate (I love!!  And her colors are mint, gray, and light yellow - how perfect for an April wedding!)
  • Enjoy a retreat away into the mountains with some of the ladies from my home church
  • Continue to enjoy what I have been calling "morning happy peace time"  - Scripture before screens, hot lemon water or coffee, breakfast, and prayer, and worship music if I have trouble focusing.  I have been using a One Year Bible which is helpful in breaking up the readings per day, one reading from the Old Testament, one from the New, one Psalm, and one Proverb.
  • "Self" dates.  I know that sounds weird, but about once a week I am hungry for a spontaneous outing to do nothing but write and relax.  I love writing (I focused on Creative Writing as part of my major in college) and the best stuff comes out when I just go off the cuff.  Whether it's a coffee shop or a park, I just need to get out, get inspired, and write down whatever is wanting to come out.

What are some of your goals for this month? Goals are YOURS, they work for you, so let me know what's on your mind and plate for March, whatever they are!  If you have a blog with goals, comment with a link! I would love to read them.

With love and rain boots,